Lizzy and Yasmin met at the University of California, Davis, at a time when real responsibilities were mere hypotheticals. They were fast friends, bonding while spending many hours t̶a̶l̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ studying at the library. They always knew they wanted to do something together. Four cities, two weddings and two baby boys later, the light bulb went off.

Lizzy and Yasmin were fortunate to be able to nurse their little ones. But it was downright hard, especially for Yasmin. Baby Owen wouldn't always latch immediately and was so squirmy, making it difficult to comfortably nurse him - especially in public, two weeks post c-section. Yasmin was a bundle of nerves, which helped exactly no one. Baby Knox wasn't exactly a breeze himself, and Lizzy spent many hours trying to get him to latch during the early days. The reigning mantra during this period: these boys are lucky they're cute. 


What the moms needed was a nursing scarf that was big enough to cover mom even when baby was wiggling about, discreet enough not to scream "I'm breastfeeding!" when out at dinner, and fashionable enough to wear with or without baby.


Enter beverly + bay. 


beverly + bay is about blending fashion and function. Use our 100% organic cotton scarves to punch up an outfit, nurse your baby, pump at work, picnic at the beach...(the list goes on). We're all about versatility over here. That's the #bandblife!

this was a long time coming